Expert committees

Museum Connections gives the floor to the cultural and tourist community to define the issues to be addressed during the show.

In order to do this, the Museum Connections’ team is committed to setting up Expert Committees to mirror the diversity of the show’s audiences: museum institutions, public and private heritage sites, foundations, parks and gardens open to the public, French and international…

Three committee made of personalities from different backgrounds support the trade show’s teams:

Inspiration Board

Throughout the year, the Inspiration board defines the themes of the conferences presented over the two days of the Museum Connections fair.

The news and issues of cultural and tourist venues are constantly evolving. While some issues were recurrent, others are becoming essential today.

Discover the Inspiration board members:

PopUp Store JURY

The PopUp Store Jury is made of experts in cultural and tourism retail, from various cultural institutions in France and abroad.

The Jury works on the selection of products presented in the Pop-up Store; the show’s model museum shop. 

Discover the PopUp store jury members:

Innovation Duos JURY

The Innovation Duos Jury is made of Institutionals and researchers.

The Jury selects the duos “supplier and cultural or tourist place” based on the innovations freshly implemented in cultural and tourist places.

Discover the Innovation Duos jury members: