is the online magazine of the collective Les Œuvres Vives dedicated to professionals of the cultural world. Initially dedicated to the themes of communication and marketing, it has evolved towards subjects allowing cultural actors to think about / implement their strategy…

The collective "Les Œuvres Vives, Strategies for culture

The live works is a term which designates the immersed part of a boat. We call these lower parts of the boat “living”, because we consider that they are those which serve for the good functioning of the boat, for its perenniality.

This name illustrates the will of our team: to always be deeply interested in a cultural project and its foundations to allow its development and its durability, without deviating from what makes its meaning. It also expresses our desire to see Art(s) and Living(s) intersect.

Within the Œuvres vives team, we see Art and Culture as nourishing society, nutritive elements at the service of societal change.

Thus our goal is to base ourselves on the meaning of the cultural project (including its social, human and ecological awareness): the project of meaning and to put ourselves at the service of it.

It is in this optic that our collective gives itself for mission the diffusion, the visibility and the development of your cultural project. Coherence, but also multiplicity of points of view, mixing veracity and innovation guide our work.

Concretely, Les Œuvres Vives proposes to accompany you in the implementation of your strategy for culture: 

– Setting up sustainable cultural projects
– Marketing and communication
– Digital strategy
– Operational communication and merchandising



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