La Maison de la Traduction is a team of translation experts at your service, based in Bordeaux and Paris. It is also more than 200 professional translators, all over the world, carefully selected for their expertise!

An international network for optimal translation

Translators, but also interpreters, proofreaders and editors; all the professionals in the Maison de la Traduction network have between 8 and 25 years of experience, and all are specialised in a specific field of expertise, including

Cultural and artistic translation:

For your versions & themes and pieces stemming from art, its history and culture, the specialists of the Culture & Art division have the same desire as yours: to give the reader of the final text the irresistible desire to discover a work, an event, a manifestation…

Tourism translation :

Attractiveness: the key word for tourism experts, because they do much more than translate: they adapt your advertisement or your offer to the foreign visitor they represent.

Institutional translation: Europe, the States, the subjects that make up the construction and development of our political, economic, environmental and social organisations are the basis of the knowledge of our circle of institutional translators.

And many other areas of translation

A team spirit and a common passion: the quality of language

La Maison de la Traduction has developed with its partner translators the principles of a stable collaboration, a long-lasting professional relationship, in which quality is a bilateral commitment.