While virtual/augmented reality tools are obviously on the rise, low-tech immersion devices are not left out. Many companies present at Museum Connections will come to offer their solutions allowing visitors a total experience, without having to bring a particular tool. Some examples of Museum Connections exhibitors who participate in these low-tech immersions in cultural and tourist venues:

Sound immersion is also an effective way to bring the viewer into a particular universe!

Nuits Noires offers immersive sound creations for cultural venues in particular.

In 2022 they produced a synchronized sound score for the Nuit Blanche as part of the installation “Pulsation” a vault whose luminous ceiling, like heartbeats, accelerates and vibrates in unison giving a collective adrenaline rush.

Immersion can also go through the creation of interactive attractions, this is what the company Triotech offers.

For the Voclan de Lemptégy in Auvergne, they have produced two train wagon that allow us to relive the creation of the Puys chain and the Lemptégy volcano in France.

The attraction features two 24-seat train carriages on a 3-degree-of-freedom pneumatic dynamic platform providing passengers with a realistic adventure. The wagon windows are 4K screens that work in tandem with a series of special effects (like heat, wind, smoke and vibration) to create an immersive experience that traces the awakening of a volcano.

The IRIS & MORPHÉE Studio contributes to creating sensory experiences between scenography, mediations and visitor experience.

Among the studio’s references, Pressoria. In 2022 they created an olfactory journey composed of 8 smells interacting with several works including Japanese prints for the exhibition “Cirque et acrobats” presented in the museums of Rouen.

Other heritage sites have entrusted the realization of sensory experiences to Iris & Morphée. This is the case in 2021 for the New Center for Sensory Interpretation of Champagne Wines for which they have created 13 scents in connection with the scenography of the place.

The Atelier du Chat Botté makes historical costumes for exhibitions, re-enactments, but also as a mediation tool.

This is how they produced in 2018 for the Louvre Museum a series of accessories from paintings for workshops on the representation of power.

Example opposite with the coronation coat of Napoleon Ist worn by a young girl taking part in a workshop.

Eco-responsible, 100% mechanical and without connection, GOUVERNAIL, a solution created by the company Viamouv, is revolutionizing pedestrian orientation and the understanding of a place, everywhere. The destination is always in front of you and the itinerary becomes easy to memorize thanks to a controlled, rewarding and facilitating representation of the site and its use (mapping, illustration). The invention complements or exceeds other traditional or digital tools at the service of public and private spaces.