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11 February 2021 – 9h30/10h30


Introduction: Claire de Longeaux – Museum Connections – Event Director

Moderation: Antoine Roland – Correspondances Digitales

With the testimony of :

Candice Chenu – Fondation Louis Vuitton
Head of Privatization and Digital Educational Projects

Anne ROGNANT – Océanopolis
Curator – Scientific and cultural mediation

Presentation of the speakers

Fondation Louis Vuitton : Founded in 2006 and opened in 2014, dedicated to contemporary creation, mainly temporary exhibitions. Open Space program for contemporary artistic expressions, created in 2018. Display of their own collections and organization of multidisciplinary events on site. In 2019, the Foundation welcomed more than 1 million visitors. //

OCEANOPOLIS : Science & culture center created in 1990, with the aim to explain the natural history of oceans. Mission: scientific mediation, increasing the awareness for the marine ecosystem and its better understanding, to protect it. Unique equipment in Europe, 10,000 animals, 9, 000 sqm of exhibition area, 400,000 visitors in 2019 and 35,000 students.

2 different formats

Microvisits at Fondation Louis Vuitton

The idea was born at the beginning of the 1st lockdown, to enable the visitors having already bought a ticket to visit the expo at distance in a small group, in the presence of a mediator.

Short format (30 – 45 mn), interactive, inspired from the already existing on site « Microvisits” .

Available every day upon reservation, price : 4 euros/2 euros (special rate) per connection, using a 360° video technology to walk around the exhibit (developed by My Tour Live


The Océanopolis E-Classes

Virtual interactive workshop, realized by a physical scientific & cultural mediator for school classes. A pedagogic workshop, integrating an interactive videoconference, with a mediator for primary school & colleges. The aim : supporting discovery, observation, investigation.

Each workshop includes a teacher and exercise book for each kid. 1h intervention + 1h preparation with the teacher, 8 topics available. Educational videoconference platform used : BigBlueButton. Price : 170 euros per class. (

The project genesis: creation of long-term tools

Fondation Louis Vuitton :

  • The idea emerged with the crisis
  • A pilot project, because these tools could be used in the longer term for people who are prevented or geographically distant
  • Very fast project launch (15 days only)
  • A collaborative project integrating the digital/visitor/communications/sales/IT departments of the foundation
  • Guiding principal : 360° video captation and mediation by the foundation;  small groups of 10 people max. The mediator decides of the rhythm, comments live the artwork, which creates a dynamic exchange with the visitors.  
  • The advantage of filming in advance : the mediator can answer oral or written questions at any time


  • A collaborative project
  • Give the possibility to the scientists to speak during the lockdown, continue to be present and reinvent new experiences for the pupils.
  • Guiding principal : engage the children in a scientific project in adequation with the scholar program, reproduce in distance the class interactions, by using the platform accepted by the French ministry of Education
  • Several topics from primary school to hight school. Totally new workshops adapted to the context have been created instead of recycling the 35 already existing ones
  • A project created in a few months only, first workshop at the end of June, first class test during the week before summer holidays. Tech appropriation by the mediators in September.
  • Necessary training period for the mediators, anticipating the technological problems with the teachers.
  • The same platform has been used since at Océanopolis for other projects (School Hackaton, teacher training etc.)

Displayal of offer & results

Fondation Louis Vuitton :

Communication via the traditional channels of the Foundation (home page, FLV chez Vous, automatic information of registered visitors for a physical visit, press release)

Financing strategy: a paying/ reduced price  to enable visitor engagement (have implicated visitors and avoid no show).

The time slots have been booked very quickly, so the exhibition, which  was initially planned until mid-January was extended until the end of January. In total, 1000 peoplebenefitted from that offer, representing 130 micro-visits. The feedback is good with an average rating of 4.7/5. The comments are encouraging and show the visitor’s wish to come physically to the museum. The solution doesn’t replace of course a real visit, but serves as a teaser.


Communication of the offer to « Académie de Rennes » (Regional organization for education) in a first time, organization of a press conference, teaser (cf. link above), mailing to teaching institutions & schools.

As of today, 67 e-classes have been organized.

The active participants have then met in sub-groups to share together their ideas. They have been asked 2 questions : 

– Which are the mediation projects that you initiated in your own institution?

– Which are, for you, the key ingredients to establish such an offer in the long term?