Inspiration Conference #3
Re- Growth and Re- imagination of ExhibitionS

The world of exhibitions has been shaken by the major international crises we are going through, which have reduced the possibilities of travelling and visiting places of culture. Exhibitions have been cancelled, postponed, moved online, and rethought to an unprecedented extent around the world. Creativity and innovation invited local authorities and cultural actors to rethink the models of the temporary and travelling exhibition, with a strong challenge to the traditional blockbuster model. In this session, we will explore how exhibition models can be re-imagined by rethinking the shared exhibition in its human, natural and economic ecosystem – to profoundly change the industry as we know it.

Manon DELAURY – TEO Exhibitions – CEO and Founder

Β Loic FEL – Fondation COAL – Co- fondateur

Alistair HUDSON -The Whitworth and manchester Art Gallery – Director