( video in French only)

Introduction: Claire de Longeaux – Director of Museum Connections

Moderation: Antoine Roland – Correspondances Digitales

With the testimony of : Pierre-Yves BUREAU, Director of the Parc Zoologique de Paris

Margherita BALZENARI, Director of the Louvre Lens Vallée

Etienne BONNET-CANDÉ, General secretary of the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille

Pierre-Yves BUREAU has presented the best practices developed in terms of eco-responsibility and sustainability, the short circuit policy implemented and the establishment strategy in which the Parc Zoologique de Paris is taking part.

Margherita BALZENARI shared her feedback from the Culturathon held in October and more generally on what the Louvre Lens Vallée is implementing in the region with various partners to transform practices (recently signed charter, method of recruiting start-ups from the incubator with eco-responsible criteria, etc.).

Etienne BONNET-CANDÉ has presented the sustainability policy implemented regarding the exhibitions of the Palais des Beaux-Arts and, more broadly, in the daily management of the museum.