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Desibale places for tomorrow's work

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Desibale places for tomorrow’s work


Be My Space is a start-up that questions tomorrow’s work by creating bridges between the corporate world and the cultural world. Between the traditional workstation and home-based telecommuting, Be my Space proposes a sensitive alternative that we call “Professional Breathing”.

For these breathing moments, Be my Space goes off the beaten track by offering companies to immerse themselves in new worlds, to move their work to desirable places, in partnership with places steeped in art and heritage. We create “work differently” products in a dynamic of valorization of places of creation and culture.

With the Tignous Center for Contemporary Art, we have implemented a day of work outside the walls. We have worked on the “Inspiring Villa” offer for companies and their employees.  We developed a coworking space in the middle of the works of art with meetings with the artists during the breaks and relaxation moments of the day.

The objective of the approach was to propose on the one hand an ideal framework for resuming face-to-face work, and on the other hand another way for the public to return to the museum. In the emergence of a hybrid economy with a “win-win” strategy, it is an opportunity for companies to become actors in a fragile sector after the sanitary crisis, while offering their employees a new vision of their work, now more attractive. For cultural institutions, it is an opportunity to highlight their activities, to develop their offers and especially to attract new audiences: because Be my Space’s observation is that workers are undeniably the audiences of tomorrow!