Wednesday 30 March 2022 – 15.45-16.45

  • Laura GOURNAY – Responsable du pôle exploitation – SNELAC
  • Sara KASSAM – Sustainability Lead – V&A Museum
  • Elsa BOROMEE – Conseillère Développement Durable – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
  • Paul TUKEY – Director of Environmental Stewardship – Glenstone Museum
  • Marguerite COURTEL – Cofondatrice – Les Augures (Modératrice) 

Until a decade ago, sustainability and museums were rarely spoken in the same sentence. In 2017, a museum energy study conducted by the Green Building Council (USA) showed that many museums have much higher Energy Use Intensity (EUI) than many other building types. Some are more energy-intensive than large city-center skyscrapers or hospitals.

Now cultural institutions are urged to reduce their carbon footprint, which is mainly linked to the energy consumption of buildings, the conservation and transport of artworks, and the mobility of their audiences.

How to transition to a more sustainable model and implement systemic change across all functions of the cultural venue?