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Museum Connections sheds light on international travelling exhibitions and welcomes, in partnership with Teo, the Touring Exhibitions Pavilion.


Museum Connection welcomes the first time, in collaboration with Teo, the touring exhibitions platform, a pavilion dedicated to international travelling exhibitions. 

The Pavilion will bring to light a very dynamic national and international market, which is undergoing major transformations, with a diversified ecosystem of exhibition producers who propose exhibitions for hire, institutions and cultural partners who welcome exhibitions, and specialist providers who provide services adapted to the hosting and production of travelling exhibitions. A place for sharing and dialogue, the Pavilion will invite visitors to discover a large variety of exhibitions and catch up on the latest challenges in exhibition hosting and production and on the new collaboration models which are emerging in touring.

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Visitors will be able to meet the actors of the Pavilion during a touring highlight on the Innovation TV set
from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Thursday, March 30th,
for a session dedicated to Experiences & Innovation in traveling exhibitions.

The Pavilion will welcome for the first time major stakeholders from the touring exhibitions world, who will present their exhibitions and touring solutions, with:

Teo is a global touring exhibitions platform designed as a one stop resource for the international community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international travelling exhibitions, Teo enables an open and free exploration of travelling projects and specialist profiles available around the world and continuously shares in-depth content and industry updates with the community. Teo is an inclusive initiative that offers a comprehensive entry point into the world of touring.

More info to come

More info to come

Since 2011, the Museum of Natural History of Toulouse has been touring its exhibitions in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. The Museum of Toulouse draws on the expertise of its renowned scientists, and makes available fun and high-quality exhibitions, combined with a reknowned museography.

Universcience has one simple challenging goal: to inspire as many people as possible to be curious about the world around them, encouraging them both to marvel at the world of science and to engage in scientific reasoning. Universcience traveling exhibitions cover a wide range of engaging topics: we are now touring Playhuts, Microbiota, Special Effects, Cats & Dogs, Fire, and Cold and coming Spies, Jeans, Opposites.

Contemporanea Progetti is a company specialized in the conception, organization and production of temporary exhibitions, museum and exhibition design,  recognized for cultural, educational and scientific quality.

Since 1999, Contemporanea Progetti has offered state-of-the-art travelling exhibitions encompassing a broad spectrum of themes, from archaeology to fine arts, from science to design, from the history of human cultures to contemporary art.

In 20 years we have organized more than 200 exhibitions in all the 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America, Oceania. 

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