Museum Connections 2024

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New in 2024

Museum Connections offers you the opportunity to benefit from a free consultation, with experts, in the following fields: touring exhibitions, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR), job & career, and retail & merchandising. 

Book your appointment ahead of the show, to insure their availability and to take advantage of their knowledge! 

These specialists will guide you to create innovative visitor experiences in your cultural or tourist venue. Their expertise will allow you to efficiently navigate among the exhibitors present at the show, quickly identifying exhibitors who can respond to your needs and optimizing your time at the show.


Touring Exhibitions

What are the advantages of hosting a touring exhibition rather than a permanent exhibition? 
What strategies are in place to effectively promote a touring exhibition and attract a diverse audience? 
How can a touring exhibition adapt to my venue? 
How can I manage the logistics linked to the movement of artworks?

Meet Manon DELAURY at the TOURING EXHIBITIONS PAVILION, booth G60 within the Museum Life sector of the show!
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What are the differences among existing immersive technologies: AR/VR/MR/XR? 
What types of business models exist around immersive experiences for cultural or tourist venues?
What are the concrete returns on investment behind the deployment of an immersive experience (financial, visitor engagement, renown...)? 
What resources are needed (financial & human) to launch an immersive project?

Meet Othman CHIHEB at the XR PAVILION, stand H40, in the Museum Tech sector of the show!
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Job & Recruitment

I am looking for a job, 
What career opportunities are emerging in the cultural or tourism sector? What specific skills are needed by employers? How is the cultural and tourism sector adapting to new trends and technologies, and what impact does this have on the professional profiles searched?

I am looking to hire, 
How to define a job description? What are the primary responsibilities associated with this position and the essential skills needed to excel in this role? What is the appropriate salary?

Meet Alix MARTET and Chloé LIENARD at the CAREER CENTER, booth G90, within the Museum Life sector of the show!
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Retail & Merchandising

How to design the visual staging of the store, to engage visitors and stimulate their purchases?
How to integrate new retail trends into your store?
What merchandising strategies should be adopted to highlight the venue and strengthen the identity (brand) of the venue?
What are the main considerations to take into account when choosing and arranging products in the store?

Find Hélène GENTER at the POPUP STORE, in the Museum Shop sector!
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