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Sensory mediation: for an emotional experience of museums and heritage sites


In parallel with the increase of analogue and digital mediation tools, we have seen a return to the senses and emotions as key aspects of cultural experience. Venues are putting the visitor's body back at the centre of the relationship with cultural objects and at the heart of soothing or stimulating sensory devices. In this conference, we will be looking at the distinctions between "sensory", "sensational", "multisensory", and at the different ways in which accessible and inclusive cultural experiences are now being offered to all kinds of audiences. We will explore projects that incorporate the senses and emotions from an early stage, and at the reasons why venues implement them, as well as their impact.

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Jan 16, 2024
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

AI & museums: towards a new visitor experience?

Sam BOMPAS (BOMPAS & PARR / MUSEUM OF SHAKESPEARE)Karen DROST (Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision)Laurent GAVEAU (INDÉPENDANT)
Digital technology and interactivity as a means of spreading knowledge seem to have reached a tipping point with AI and the ultra-personalisation of online cultural experience. But what about AI as part of the physical museum visit, and, for example, the use of controversial technologies such as facial recognition? The Sound & Vision Museum in the Netherlands, the ""first museum in the world that constantly adapts to visitors' actions"", has done it, and the team in charge of the new Museum of Shakespeare (due to open in London in 2025) is in the process of developing it. Could this be the beginning of an innovation that could spread throughout the museum world? We will, however, address the thorny issue of personal data protection.
Jan 17, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

AI & museums: what revolution(s)?

While the use of AI in the museum sector is not new, the release of ChatGPT for widespread use has had the effect of a bombshell, potentially impacting all the functions of a cultural venue and its stakeholders. But what revolution(s) behind the hype? To understand the issues involved and grasp the risks and opportunities, we will first look at the origins and nature of AI before outlining its possible uses in the field of museums, whether in terms of research, conservation, visitor experience or visitor insights, deliberately leaving aside the topic of art created with AI, which is widely covered by the media. More broadly, we will address the central question of truth and verisimilitude, and see how AI establishes a new relationship between audiences and contents.