Museum Connections 2024

Retrouvez le Disgusting Food Museum au Pavillon des Expositions Itinérantes

The Disgusting Food Museum. A name you can taste! The allure and fascination of the weird, odd, macabre, and the disgusting pulls not only the regular museum visitor, but also the adventurous foodie, the culturally curious, the challenge seeker, and many more on the broad scale of humanity. This is how you attract new visitors to your venues! We will introduce an international exhibit dedicated to culturally unique, often ‘disgusting’ food. More so, we offer a level of immersion well beyond the mundane physical/visual aspects of pressing buttons or watching screens. An emotional journey through fear, worry, and disgust - into pride, joy, and the unbridled power of overcoming challenges. Do you dare try it all? This innovative experience prods all your senses, and gives your visitors ample opportunities to create the next viral social media moment. With a strong scientific foundation we provide a hopeful angle to sustainability challenges and cultural understanding, with food as the eternal connector. Is our word not enough? Then trust the numerous mentions in traditional media, such as The Economist, New York Times, and Le Figaro.

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